The Mic Drop.

“โ€ฆ.So, basically, you’re trying to tell me you’re resigning?”

“โ€ฆWellโ€ฆ.Yeh, I guess I am.” ๐Ÿ™‚

I had just been given more responsibility at work, a big new client, and my financial situation was somewhat healthy for the first time in years. Everything was going ‘well’. Obviously, the sensible thing to do was to keep on chipping away at my career, climb the corporate ladder a little higher, invest in some property, a white picket fence, and live happily ever after. Apparently, I’m not so sensible.

For some time now, I’ve had an itch to scratch. I’ve had a strong desire to travel the world since my first year in the corporate game after completing my studies. That was about the time I realised that strict routine was not something I particularly enjoyed, but also that the awakening effect of visiting new places and experiencing different cultures was something I loved and needed to explore further.

Unfortunately, travelling costs money and money management was never really my strong suit. It took me quite some time to figure out how this whole “saving” concept works.ย  Although I did manage to take a few trips here and there using my annual leave throughout the years, it was never really enough for me to say “I have travelled the world”. Finally, after years of living cheque-to-cheque I managed to break some bad habits, get my head above water and travelling for a longer period of time became an actual option.

The timing was a bit awkward. The company I worked for was going through a growth spurt which was great, however not the most convenient time for me to bail on them. I did my best to give them as much notice as possible and soon enough it all became very real.

I’m writing this as I’m sitting on an airplane drinking San Miguel beer in a plastic cup with ice cubes (against my doctors advice). My first destination on this journey is the Philippines. I had previously visited the Philippines, loved it, have friends there, and always wanted to spend some more time there so I thought it would be an apt place to start my trip. I have loose plans about where I’ll be going next. A little too loose for me to put in writing just yet. I’m travelling with only carry-on luggage as part of my criteria was for my stuff to be strappable to a motorcycle as I’m hoping to do a lot of my travel on-land.

I wanted to start this blog to keep a journal of my travels, keep my loved ones back home in the loop with my movements, but also for anyone else who stumbles across it and is perhaps looking to pursue a similar nomadic path. Along the way, I’ll be working to support myself and I’ll be reporting back to this blog with some insight into maintaining an income while travelling. I’m sure I will make plenty of mistakes along the way and I’ll make sure to post about them for your benefit and/or entertainment. I’ll be uploading photos regularly and I’m open to any questions or suggestions so hit me up! This is my first attempt at a blog so bear with me if I seem amateurish at times and I’m sure I’ll work it out eventually.

Speak Soon!

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  1. So i wont be seeing you around anymore then. Thats sad ๐Ÿ˜” but im wishing you all the luck and happiness! ๐Ÿ˜Š and maybe bump into you along your travels. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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